Portraits from all over the world

Artist, Autist, Activist
in Berlin, Germany
Finding An Excuse To Come Back
in Manizales, Colombia
Living Big City Life And Longing For The Islan...
in Istanbul, Turkey
It’s Always Worth It In The End
in Bali, Indonesia
Going Far For a Better Tomorrow
in Budapest, Hungary
Happy Soul, Entrepreneur, Philosopher
in Kathmandu, Nepal
The Strange Heart of the Golden State
in Slab City, USA

Swiss portraits

Love Your Food
in Zurich, Switzerland
Baking Bread With A Mission
in Zurich, Switzerland
Dancing To Her Own Rhythm
in Uster, Switzerland
Thinking Wood
in Wetzikon, Switzerland
Three Years For A Whole Life
in Zurich, Switzerland
A Craft That Takes Its Time
in Wetzikon, Switzerland
Photography Doesn't Need Words Either
in Zurich, Switzerland
Where Dada Spends His Nights
in Zurich, Switzerland
The Sound Of Altruism
in Trin, Switzerland
Noureddin: The Darkness and the Light
in Hochdorf, Switzerland
The Good Farmer
in Seuzach, Switzerland
A Penguin Protecting the Climate
in Zurich, Switzerland
Saving Lives: All in a Day’s Work
in Bern, Switzerland
Cursed arts and a new beginning
in Tiefencastel, Switerland