Photography Doesn't Need Words Either

in Zurich, Switzerland

Saskia Widmer is a freelance photographer and artist. She won't tell who she is and what her day looks like. She shows it.

Are you here with your phone? Please turn it sideways for an optimal view!

Hello Saskia! Thank you so much for having me in your container studio at the Basislager in Zurich! How are you doing today?

How do you lie in bed in the morning?

What do you do first when you wake up?

And then?

When I say the word photography - what comes to your mind?

How does the onset of winter make you feel?

Any hobbies?

I know you own a car. What kind of driver are you?

Your studio is based in the creative community Basislager. What do you like about it?

Show me your new tattoo!

You worked at a bank before. How was that?

You're on many artistic projects at the moment (like the Art'Box for example). How do you organize yourself?

What's your favorite animal btw?

Is there something you want to do one day?

What's the last thing you do in the evening?

One more question: Can you do the headstand?

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