Winter Break

Photo: Noëlle Guidon

We've been online now for two months. We published a portrait every Sunday and #sundayisportraitday sounds better to us every week. Now we're going to take a break and be back with new splendid portraits in 2016. Until then we'll be busy with planning the new year and starting to think about the financing of One Day Portray.

We wish you a fantastic christmas time! You can by the way sign up for our newsletter here for all the news to come.

One (Day Portray) Love!

Photo: Noëlle Guidon

The second month in figures

Time frame: November 10th - December 10th

Users: 1'687
Sessions: 2'284
Page Views: 9'173
Pages per Session: 4,02
Bounce Rate: 10,11%

As expected a little less than the previous month. But we guess that's a normal development. At the beginning everyone wants to see the new site. Now it's our challenge to bring all those people back!

Most read portraits of the month:

Photography Doesn't Need Words Either / Where Dada Spends His Nights / Baking Bread With A Mission / A Craft That Takes Its Time / Love Your Food

One Night Portray

You've been probably wondering what the little moon symbol is all about on the new portrait about Yllnora Semsedini. That means it's a One Night Portray. 

When we started conceiving One Day Portray we also thought about all the people who live their days at night. The term One Day Portray can be kind of misleading in some respects. That's why we wanted to create a brand inside of One Day Portray that includes those people: One Night Portray. An idea we liked from the very beginning. 

And we hope you like it, too!

Launch Party at Photobastei - Part II

All photos by Andy Gawlowski <3

1DP goes TV

#sundayisportraitday! But today in a different way. Instead of publishing a new portrait we want to spotlight a beautiful cooperation that resulted from Jens Jungs portrait.

In September and October we produced a video portrait with Star TV, a Swiss television station. The great thing about it is that it is totally possible for the video to be shown alone. But it also works as a nice completion to the written part and the photography.

Want to see the video? Find it here - for the moment only in German, but the images are a great treat already!

We're looking forward to many other ways to tell our stories to you! Thanks to everyone involved!

Launch Party at Photobastei – Part I

All photos by Andy Gawlowski ❤️‍

Our first month in figures

One Day Portray went online on October 10th. That's exactly one month ago! We do not attach great importance to the amount of clicks and views because we believe that this has not yet too much to do with the quality of the product. Maybe one day people will take their time and read more demanding stuff in the internet rather than getting quick and easy entertainment – but today this won't happen. Furthermore we're in the lucky position that we don't have to please advertisers who would pay us per click. That's why we want to be totally transparent and open our Analytics figures from the past and first month to you.

Time frame: October 10th - November 9th

Users: 2'064
Sessions: 2'964
Page Views: 17'556
Pages per Session: 5.92
Bounce Rate: 2.09%

Desktop: ~51%
Mobile: ~44%
Tablet: ~5%

The most read portraits:
Artist, Autist, Activist / Baking Bread With A Mission / Three Years For A Whole Life / Love Your Food / Left With Silence

We're surprised that most of the portraits are read in English, even though most of the readers seem to be German speaking. The distribution of desktop and mobile users is 1:1 – most online media have much more mobile readers than us. Interesting!

We're looking forward to the future development of the figures, because many readers visited us on the day of the launch: More than 500 users in the first 24 hours. And we're happy that more than a third of our visitors regularly return to our page!

By the way: Have you noticed our new footer? Feel free to rummage in there and join our newsletter! Furthermore the start page is a little more colorful than before!