Media Partner of ZHAW

Each autumn semester in the last year of their BA studies in journalism, the students of the IAM (Institute of Applied Media Studies) a workshop in which they produce amazing journalistic products.

One Day Portray is proud media partner of this workshop. Students are free to decide what kind of product for which medium they would like to produce. It would be our pleasure to publish a portrait of one of the students on!

We (Gabriella and Laura) ourselves graduated from the IAM, ZHAW and we know how important and valuable it is to publish stories already during the studies.

But not only students from the IAM can be part of 1DP: Would you like to publish a portrait on 1DP? Just write us for details:! The one and only requirement we have: spend a day (or a night) with the protagonist and experience the daily life of this person. The result? A «Portrait-Reportage»!

We are looking forward to meeting any new author and to reading new One Day Portrays! 

One year - in figures

Figures and numbers don’t mean a lot to us, but still they are very valuable indicators - if you read and understand them right. Our online magazine is online for over an year now and we took a look into our Google-Analytics account.  

Beforehand: In the past few weeks we didn’t publish many new publications and this of course has an impact on our performance in the analytics - but we don’t really mind. We are proud of what we achieved so far and are looking forward to showing you the numbers next year! ;)

The mentioned numbers are based on a date range from October 10th 2015 to Ocotber 10th 2016. What we like to most is the fact that we had visitors on our website from almost every country! Most of our readers come from Switzerland, which is not a huge surprise.

Furthermore is the One Night Portray of Yllnora Semsedini the one with the most clicks, followed by the three portraits about Laura Schälchli, Jens Jung and Manu Chao. We have to put these results into a context as well, as all these portraits were online from the very beginning. 

Interesting but not further surprising is the fact, that most of our users came via «social» or «referral». But also «direct» and «organic search» is not too far behind.

We are looking forward to another year of!

Year II. Chapter I: Goodbye Gabriella

Just a few hours ago I said goodbye to Gabriella at the airport of Zurich. And it was a farewell for an uncertain period of time. She turns her back on Switzerland and goes on a long journey together with her boyfriend. Where they will travel to is not yet statued. Behind the wheel of their beloved VW van they will discover new places. How long they will be on the road is still written in the stars. First they planned for one year. Now they talk about two and who knows maybe it will be three in the end.

But time and numbers are not too important to me anyway. What matters is life and especially la joie de vivre. By letting Gabriella go for an uncertain period of time, I know that she is happy. And when she’s happy - I am happy, too! 

For One Day Portray it is once again a huge chance to get closer to our vision: portraits from all over the world and from authors from all over the world. We still are at the beginning of our 1DP journey and have big plans! From the road Gabriella will tell us stories and send portraits - I can’t wait to hear and read from her adventures and encounters. 

My dear, I thank you for everything we’ve gone through and have achieved in the past year. And moreover I am more than happy and excited for everything which is still ahead of us.

Bon voyage and take care my love!
See you soon - wherever this will be on this wonderful planet!

(photo by Saskia Widmer)


Do you know someone living between Seattle and Argentina who should be portrayed? Then don’t hesitate and contact us ( - Gabs will visit them and send us an inspiring One Day Portray!

1 Year since the Crowdfunding

Wow! It has already been a year since we successfully finished our crowdfunding campaign. On June 4th at 4pm to be exact. With your help we were able to start One Day Portray with 22'000.-! 

Thank you so much! To many years yet to come!

Thoughts before the big trip

During the past weeks I often had to think about how fast and at the same time icredibly eventful this last year passed. When I think of Gabriella one year ago I don't really have the feeling of being very different now. Then I look at our old press photos and the new ones and it seems that these are two different persons! Not only on the face of it, also internally so much has happened! One Day Portray, the Yoga Teacher Training, the planning of a big journey – all of these things were still on square one only one year ago. And now it's all part of my life as if it had been there forever. 

The One Day Portray mini editorial office is growing and flowing – we learn new stuff with every new text. Every time Laura and I meet we first have to talk about all the great things that happened since we have last seen each other. I'm really greatful for that – not only for all the hours full of gratitude, but also for Laura herself!

For me a new big adventure is happening from mid-July on. Together with my boyfriend I'll be going on quite a big road trip from Seattle to South America. We quit our jobs and our apartment. And the thing I'm looking forward to most is finally having a lot of time for One Day Portray! Not only to write portraits but also to make progress with the project itself. Because you can always do more! Internet makes this all really easy, fortunately.

So, if you know anyone who should be portrayed between Seattle and Argentina, let me know!

Exactly one year ago…

…the starting signal for One Day Portray was given. To be precisely: The kick-off to our Crowdfunding campaign, which allowed us to build One Day Portray. In principle we prefer to look ahead instead of looking back. But sometimes it is absolutely worth to take a look back, especially when the yesteryear is a conglomeration of memorable moments and experiences!

We are happy to share once again our campaign texts because we still believe in them!


Why? Because!

Times in journalism are changing and challenging. This is especially true for writing styles that take time and therefore money. That's why literary genres in journalism are becoming scarcer and scarcer and that's where One Day Portray comes in: A medium for portraits from people all over the world for people worldwide. And therefore is all our content available in English and German and free of charge.


- Chose your style - portraits can be published as texts, photographs, video and audio files

- Quality is what we are looking for! All our portraits are of highest quality, written and/or produced

- by professional journalists and reporters

- No staged interviews – we accompany our protagonists one entire day in order to get a glimpse of how his or her life looks like

- It's not about finding unique persons, it's about bringing out the uniqueness in the person we chose to portray

- Annoying ads? Not on our website

Get involved!

You can either go for one of the goodies listed on the right hand side and thus give us moral and financial support. If money is not your thing, you can always bring in your skills – we are happy to meet people willing to get involved with One Day Portray. Ever thought of writing a portrait yourself? Happen to know a person we absolutely have to hang out with for an entire day? Let us know! You are an amazing photographer and want to enhance your portfolio? Get in touch! You are part of an organisation or company who'd like to work with us? Great, let's do it! Do you give hugs like a pro? We absolutely have to meet. And last but not least: One Day Portray is not a one-man-show (or a two-woman-show, for that matter): We are all part of it!


On April 20th 2015 at 4pm – exactly one year ago – the starting signal was given and 45 days later, on June 4th 2015 it called for celebration! We made it! Therefore we are looking forward to sharing our highlight of the past year with you on June 4th 2016!

Thank you for everything and we can assure you that we still work with enthusiasm and still believe in journalism, that takes its time!

New Press Pictures

For over an year now we are spending our spare time with One Day Portray. During the crowdfunding campaign last year we received first media requests and got the chance to give some interviews for other media. 

In one year a lot can change - for instance the look! Therefore it was time to shoot some new press pictures - thank you very much Saskia Widmer for putting us into the right spotlight in front of your lens! 

New press picture, 2016: 

Old press picture (by Ruben Assenberg van Eijsden), 2015: