One Day Portray is an online magazine which does exactly that: Focus on and specialize in portraits. Our writers, photographers and producers only have one guideline to follow: Spend an entire day with their protagonist. That is, not just just meet them for a quick chat over a cup of coffee but spend an entire day with them. Everything else (style, length, content) is up to the authors.

All our products are published both in English and in German. The portrayed people are from all over the world – that's why we want people from all over the world to be able to read our portraits. There's no pattern when it comes to choosing the stars of our portraits – we come across them by chance, while traveling, or through a friend in common. Find out more about how we find our protagonists on our blog.

Our guiding principle reads as follows: It's not about unique persons, it's about bringing out the uniqueness in every person.

One Day Portray was founded 2015 by Laura Brüllmann and Gabriella Hummel. They met at uni, where both got a degree in Journalism. One Day Portray is their way of getting what they look for in an ever faster spinning world: People-friendly journalism that takes its time. Besides editing 1DP, Laura and Gabriella coordinate the freelance writers, photographers, producers, and translators.

After the successful crowdfunding campaign that was launched on wemakeit.com in April 2015, 1DP was able to start building a professional website. Finally, on 10.10.2015, onedaypotray.com went online – thanks to nearly 200 supporters. Cheers to all of you for making this possible!

Thanks to the successful implementation of our crowdfunding campaign and the countless experiences during and after founding 1DP, we've gained a lot of know-how and have built a strong network of writers, photographers, film makers and digital producers. Thinking of doing something along these lines? Contact us if you need any professional advice, we are happy to help and send you a non-binding offer.

I am a writer/photographer/producer – how can I contribute?

We are happy to take people on board who share our passion for portraits produced with time and leisure. Tell us more about you in a short email. There's one thing you should know, though: We are currently not in a position to pay any wage. We work hard to change this, but this, too, takes time. If you do decide to work with us, it goes without saying that the rights for your product stay where they belong – with you.

I am an editor – can I purchase/acquire your portraits/pictures?
By all means. Please contact us, we are happy to discuss different options.

How is 1DP funded?
Up to now we've managed to get by with what we've generated through crowdfunding. We haven't looked at different financing models yet but deliberately chose to await the launch of our website, wanting to avoid the pitfall of clumsy ads. At this stage of the project, both a cooperation with other media and/or crossfinancing 1DP through 1DPeople are conceivable.